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Debt Settlements

Proven Results – Debt Settlement Letters
Below is a small sampling of the successful debt settlements we’ve made for our clients. You’ll find debt settlement letters from major credit card companies for 2021 and 2022.

If you're looking for relief from credit card debt, take a look at these results. Getting credit card debt help IS possible with our debt settlement company. Clear Coast Debt Relief is ready to help you regain financial freedom. What are you waiting for? 

These are only for consumers who successfully met all program terms and received settlement offers. Results will vary and there are no guarantees that all creditors will agree to settle.

NOTE: We update this page on a regular basis with recent settlements from the major credit card banks and healthcare financing companies, if you don’t see your bank listed, that doesn’t mean we don’t work with them. You can contact us and we can try and provide you with settlement letters from your bank of the major credit card and loan companies.

Creditor Enrolled AmountSettlement Amount Settlement PercentageView Settlement
American Express$1,317.29$461.0035%
American Express$1,722.29$690.0040%
Bank of America$14,239.26$5,695.0040%
Bank of America$1,570.26$706.0045%
Barclays Bank$2,715.51$1,087.0040%
Barclays Bank$8,278.56$2,898.0035%
Capital One $2,143.00$1,000.0047%
Capital One$10,932.00$4,372.8640%
Comenity Bank / Ulta$2,217.12$885.8540%
Comenity Bank / Victoria's Secret
Comenity Bank /
CitiBank / Home Depot$2,885.05$1,155.0040%
CitiBank / Sears$4,980.70$2,000.0040%
Citizens Bank$11,458.19$5,775.0050%
CreditOne Bank$1,242.61$499.0040%
CreditOne Bank$2,411.06$965.0040%
Discover Card$9,301.71$3,720.6840%
Discover Card$1,152.95$576.4850%
Elan Financial Services$10,692.02$4,277.0040%
First Premier$992.49$496.2450%
Fifth Third Bank$1,552.51$621.0040%
First National Bank of Omaha$3,131.30$1,096.0035%
JPMorgan Chase$3,832.00$1,931.0050%
JPMorgan Chase$20,428.37$2,043.7210%
Kohl's Department Stores$2,081.15$936.5245%
Kohl's Department Stores$2,975.75$1339.0945%
Merrick Bank$1,985.62$893.5345%
Navy Federal Credit Union$3,398.98$1,699.0050%
Navy Federal Credit Union$4,628.07$1,944.0042%
Nordstrom Credit Card$16,110.00$8,055.0050%
PNC Bank$11,679.11$3,504.0030%
Synchrony Bank / Amazon $7,278.51$2,911.4140%
Synchrony Bank / Care Credit 3,504.64$1,577.0945%
Synchrony Bank / Lowe's $558.23$167.4730%
TD Bank $10,249.50$5,214.1050%
US Bank$10,190.00$4,077.0040%
USAA Federal Savings Bank$11,824.59$4,730.0040%
Wells Fargo$8,401.15$3,360.4640%
Wells Fargo$6,111.93$2,444.7740%