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With over 10 years of credit card debt relief experience, our debt settlement company has helped thousands of people turn their lives around, by ridding them of the burden of overwhelming debt. We specialize in debt negotiation services, commonly known as debt settlements. This process allows you to pay back less than what you owe by negotiating individual settlements with your creditors. Our credit card debt relief programs range from one to four years and can save you as much as 60% of your total balances. Re-establish your financial freedom today with Clear Coast Debt Relief!

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Talk with a Specialist
Call today to speak to a debt specialist and see if Clear Coast Debt Relief is the right solution for you to resolve your debt.
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Reduce Your Debt
Our expert negotiators work with your creditors to get them to agree to settle for significantly less than the full amount you owe, resolving your debt faster for a fraction of your balance.
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Reduce Student Loans
Find out if your student loans qualify for debt relief. We may be able to reduce the balances by more than half. Click Get Free Quote to schedule a call.
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Be Debt-Free Faster
Become debt-free fast and in a fraction of the time!
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One Affordable Payment
Restructure your debt into one low-program payment that you can afford. Our specialists work with you to match the payment you can comfortably manage.
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Achieve Debt Freedom
Resolve your debt without a loan debt or filing bankruptcy, putting your debt behind you once and for all.

Getting out of debt has never been so quick and simple!
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We will negotiate with your creditors to reduce the balances you owe
We will negotiate with your creditors to reduce the balances you owe

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Get out of debt without bankruptcy


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Become debt free in 48 months or less


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Reduce your debt and save 25% - 45%

Jennifer NavarroJennifer Navarro
20:10 29 Jun 22
I was very nervous and skeptical going into this and had little hope that I could actually be helped but it turned out to be a great relief nd I received the help I was looking for. A big part of that was working with Laura she made me feel at ease and assured me that I wasnt the only one going through this rough patch. i really recommend this company!!
Linda HaaheimLinda Haaheim
22:01 26 Jul 21
Everyone from Clear Coast have been so kind & helpful. They have given me assurance that I’ll soon be debt free. My monthly consolidated loan payments are reasonable. Because of Clear Coast Debt Free, I will be able to buy gifts for my daughter & grandson this next Christmas. Thank you, Clear Coast!! You’re a treasure of a loan company!
Angelica GonzalezAngelica Gonzalez
23:20 22 Jun 21
I highly recommend Clear Coast Debt Relief they are always willing to find a way to help. Excellent customer service. They are the best.
Kathi ParkhurstKathi Parkhurst
17:28 27 Jun 20
Best thing. They took care of every detail. Such relief and no hassle for me. I’m very happy they called me and glad I accepted their phone call.
Rosario HeardRosario Heard
22:52 25 Jun 20
I am so confident with clear coast debt relief
Karen GibsonKaren Gibson
23:31 21 Mar 20
I was with Freedom Debt relief and they were horrible. I got sued by Discover and Chase. When I told them they were no help! Gave me a refund and told me that I should have known the risks. and had no idea how to deal with this... Saw an add for Clear Coast Debt Relief they said they can help with Discover accounts. I reached out and spoke to Jonathan. He was so understanding of my situation and explained how they help with lawsuits with not charging a bunch of legal fees and attorney costs. I signed up with them and in the second week Clear Coast got a settlement with Discover which kept me from having to go to court. They also found an issue with the lawsuit from Chase which gave me more time so save up some money to take care of that account too. If Freedom just did their job I wouldn't have been in this mess, but I am so grateful to Jonathan and everyone at Clear Coast Debt.



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