Credit Card Debt Settlement New York

August 20, 2019 Jonathan Gavalas

New York Debt Relief Programs



More than 160 million Americans carry credit cards. Unfortunately, people tend to spend more when they are paying with credit cards. It is convenient to spend money with a credit card which results in more debts.

The more you borrow without repaying, the more you have debt. People also make mistakes of not paying their balances in full which increases the amount of money to pay.

If you are in New York and overwhelmed with credit card debts, fortunately there are several methods to eliminate those debts. You can follow these methods on your own or you can employ the services of financial professionals to help you.

In order to get rid of your credit card debt, evaluate your finances, prioritize your spending, and create a budget, just to name a few. 

Debt relief options such as debt consolidation, credit counselling services, debt management programs and bankruptcy can help you get rid of that financial burden.

Debt Relief Help in New York

This is your first step to eliminate your credit card debt. You need to know how much you owe, your current credit card terms and statement due date. This will help you decide on the best strategy to take to reduce your debt. 

Create a Budget

It is a very good idea to create a budget. New York people who are burdened with credit card debts should learn how to create a monthly spending plan to ensure they are living within their means.

It will also maximize their ability to pay their debts. You will be needed to cut some of your expenses to effectively pay your debts. Avoid making new purchases with your credit card which will add to your debt.

Instead, focus on ways to save more money to pay your debts such as cutting expenses, getting a second income etc. 

Negotiate for a lower Interest rate

It is a good idea to lower the interest rate on your credit card in order to pay your balance faster. A lower interest rate means less money to pay. 

Do your homework before you negotiate

It is important to know all information about your card before you negotiate. Ben Woolsey, director of marketing for Bulldog Media Group says you should know your existing balances and interest you have been paying so you can be in a better position to explain why you need a better rate. 

You will engage in some negotiation and your credit company will want to know why you need a lower rate.

Credit card companies in New York and all over the world do not like losing their customers especially the ones with good credit score hence you have room for negotiation. If your credit score is not good, you will need to improve it. 

You need to make yourself an attractive customer. Make sure you pay your monthly payments on time then call your credit company and explain why you need a lower rate.


Apply for a Debt Consolidation loan in New York

Debt consolidation means merging more than 1 debt into a new loan. This is a good debt relief option that will save you from your financial burden and prevent your credit card Company from suing you. 

It is a good way of dealing with debts such as student loan debt, auto loans and credit card debt. Usually, a debt consolidation loans comes with a lower interest rate and monthly payments.

These loans are usually offered by financial institutions such as credit unions and banks. You can get secured or unsecured loan with them. With secured loan, you will have to back the loan with an asset such as your car, house which will act as the collateral. 

Unsecured consolidation loan does not require any collateral. It might be difficult to obtain it because it is not backed by an asset. The loan has to be paid off in 3 to 5 years. 

Consumer Credit Counselling

Consumer credit counselling agencies are one of the debt relief options in New York that provide guidance and support to people overwhelmed with debts. They are nonprofit organizations that charge less for their services. 

They will formulate a workable formula to get rid of your financial burdens. Make sure you find a reputable agency that is known to have certified and experienced specialists so they can help you. 

Some agencies will require you to make monthly payments with them then pay your creditors. 

Debt Management Programs in New York

If you are seeking credit card debt relief, debt management programs can help a lot. They are run by professionally trained and certified counsellors who will;

-Evaluate your financial situation

-Come up with an effective plan to eliminate your debts. This includes a budget to cut off some of your expenses. 

-Work with your creditors with an aim of reducing your interest rate and monthly payments.